Ellison® Letter Machine

The Ellison Letter Machine is a hand operated die cutting machine that makes perfectly cut letters, numbers and shapes with one push of the handle. The Ellison Machine cuts through several layers of paper at a time producing precise images. Materials suitable for cutting are paper, fabric, wallpaper, recycled materials, sponge, cardboard, magnet and more. This time saving device creates images that will enhance learning, hands on activities, games, story time, puppets, posters, and bulletin boards with sharp, clear, reusable images.

If you would like to borrow any dies to use at your library, Metrowest will be happy to send the dies to member libraries through delivery.  New dies are held for inhouse use for two weeks. There is a limit of two new dies per member. Dies circulate for three weeks.

Available to members only:

  • Ellison Machine at Metrowest office during our regular hours , Mon- Fri, 9am-5pm.
  • Ellison Machine at the Franklin Public Library.
  • Portable Ellison Machine for use off site.

Dies, letters, numbers, symbols for use in house or off site.