About us

Metrowest, a membership-driven organization of multitype libraries,

provides access to resources and services that augment the capacity of individual member libraries. Mobilizing a small force of highly skilled employees and the cooperation of our members, we deliver continuing education and technological expertise, high level reference and consulting services, shared materials, and advocacy leadership to ensure the relevance and vitality of libraries in Metrowest Massachusetts.

Metrowest is known as the go-to resource for academic, public, school and special member libraries because…

  • We develop, evaluate, and deliver core services based on members’ assessment of impact and relevance.
  • We advocate for member libraries by taking a leadership role on library issues.
  • We build partnerships that cultivate cooperation among members and other organizations to maximize resources.
  • We design and deliver high quality continuing education workshops in response to evolving member needs and user expectations.
  • We encourage and support the mastery of relevant, cutting-edge and emerging technologies.
  • We maintain financial stability by strategically preparing for the cyclical nature of funding.


Contact person: Barbara Andrews
Address: 135 Beaver St
Waltham, Massachusetts
United States 02452
Telephone: +1.7813981819
email: [email protected]