Executive Board

Metrowest Executive Board

The Executive Board is Metrowest’s governing authority. It consists of at least 11 voting members who are elected at the Annual meeting.

Metrowest Executive Board Members

  • Dee Magnoni , Past President – Olin College
  • Linda Stetson, President – Morse Institute Library, Natick
  • Mark Contes , Vice President/President Elect – Framingham Public Library
  • Charlotte Canelli, Treasurer – Morrill Memorial Library, Norwood
  • Katie Baxter , Board Clerk – Noble and Greenough School
  • Jeff Cramer – Thoreau Institute, Lincoln
  • Walt Howe – Lay Representative
  • Mary Ann Niles- Middlesex Community College
  • Paul Kissman – MBLC Representative
  • Sunny Vandermark – Staff Liaison

Metrowest Advisory Committees

There are three operating committees: Budget, Personnel, and Nominating. There are four Service Committees: Interlibrary Loan, Reference, Youth Services, and Continuing Education.
Each of these committees plays a vital role in the services Metrowest provides its members.

If you wish to join one of our committees or view the Committee Policy, please click on the links below.

  • Committee Volunteer Form
  • Committee Policy



Budget Committee

Charge:  A standing Committee to work and obtain input from Metrowest staff and committees in planning the budget and services.  The Committee designs an annual budget and plan of service and presents to the Executive Board and the Annual Council of Members each year and works on revising the current budget to meet ongoing needs as required by our contract with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.  (Maximum 9 members)

  • Charlotte Canelli, Treasurer: Morrill Memorial Library, Norwood
  • Sunny Vandermark: Staff Liaison

Nominating Committee

Charge:   A Committee formed each year to determine nominees for the Executive Board members and officers.  The Committee recommends a slate of candidates annually to the Executive Board which is then voted on at the Annual Council of Members Meeting.   The Committee is chaired by the Past President. (Maximum 5 members)

Personnel Committee

Charge:    A standing Committee to work with Metrowest staff in recommendations regarding Metrowest staffing levels, position descriptions, and relevant policies, including an annual review of these documents.  (Maximum 5 members)

  • Mark Contois, Framingham Public Library
  • Dee Magnoni, Olin College
  • Linda Stetson, Chair,  Morse Institute Library, Natick
  • Sunny Vandermark: Staff Liaison


Continuing Education Committee

Charge:    A standing Committee that assists the Region in planning workshops, roundtables, and programs in meeting the needs of member library staff and governing authorities, and in monitoring the effectiveness of Metrowest continuing education. The committee will assist in the development of a continuing education survey as needed.  (Maximum 9 members)

  • Carol Baer:   Belmont Public Library
  • Bertha Chandler:   Cambridge Public Library
  • Barbara Powell: Concord Free Public Library
  • Linda Rossman:   Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library
  • Karen Tobin:   Goodnow Library, Sudbury
  • David Ware:  Olin College
  • Sarah Sogigian :   Staff Liaison
  • Sunny Vandermark:   Staff Liaison
  • Rita Gavelis: Staff Liaison

Delivery Committee

Charge:   A Metrowest / Minuteman Joint Committee to help in the evaluation of and make recommendations on regional delivery, and to investigate the use of technologies for better efficiencies while maintaining a reliable, cost effective delivery service. (Maximum 9 members)

      • Janice Coduri:  Wellesley Free Library
      • Chuck Flaherty:   Brookline Public Library
      • Susan McAlister:   Minuteman Library Network
      • Sarah Pawlek:   Babson College
      • Paula Polk, Chair:   Morse Institute Library, Natick
      • Bill Talentino:   Goodnow Library, Sudbury
      • Sunny Vandermark:   Staff Liaison

Interlibrary Loan Committee

Charge:   To assist in the review of Interlibrary Loan services provided to Metrowest members provided by the contracting library and other resource sharing efforts, e.g., MassCat, and delivery services.  The committee will assist in the development of an ILL survey as needed.  (Maximum 9 members)

      • Denise Corless:   Caritas Norwood Hospital
      • Cynthia English:   Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School
      • Maureen Horn:   Massachusetts Horticultural Society
      • Barbara Powell: Concord Free Public Library
      • Amy Cohen Rose:   Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
      • Erin Twohig: Noble and Greenough School
      • Sunny Vandermark:   Staff Liaison
      • Rita Gavelis:   Staff Liaison

PR & Marketing Committee

Charge:  To be determined.

  • Katie Baxter:  Noble and Greenough School, Dedham
  • Charlotte Canelli: Dover Town Library
  • Jeff Cramer:  Thoreau Institute, Lincoln
  • Dee Magnoni:  Olin College, Needham
  • Bobbie Myles:  Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln
  • Diane Wallace:  Bacon Free Library, Natick
  • Sunny Vandermark:  Staff Liaison
  • Sarah Sogigian:  Staff Liaison
  • Judy Zomer: Staff Liaison

Reference Committee

Charge:    A standing Committee that assists the Region in evaluating supplementary reference services provided by the contracting library, electronic databases, and related issues.  The committee will assist in the development of a reference survey as needed.  (Maximum 9 members)

      • Nancy Johnson:   Newton Free Library
      • Julie Kinchla:   Winchester Public Library
      • Rhoda Moskowitz:   Metrowest Medical Center Natick
      • Alice Sajdera:   Lincoln School
      • Jill Shoemaker:   Lasell College
      • Jeanne Smyth:   Bedford High School
      • Christine Wood:   Wellesley High School
      • Sarah Woolf, Chair:   Pine Manor College
      • Sarah Sogigian : Staff Liaison
      • Sunny Vandermark: Staff Liaison
      • Rita Gavelis: Staff Liaison

Youth Services Committee

Charge:    A standing Committee that assists the Region in identifying areas of concern for children’s and young adult librarians working in either public or school libraries.  The committee will assist in the development of a youth service survey as needed.  (Maximum 9 members)

  • Katie Baxter:   Noble and Greenough School, Dedham
  • Yvonne Coleman:   Winchester Public Library
  • Annamarie DiCecca: Somerville Public Library (SRP steering committee)
  • Jane Malmberg:   Westwood Public Library
  • April Mazza:   Wayland Free Public Library
  • Lois McAuliffe:   Ashland Public Library
  • Sharon McDonald:   Bedford Free Public Library
  • Bonnie Peirce:   Dover Town Library
  • Sarah Sogigian :   Staff Liaison