Preparing for Scrum Master Certification Exam

Preparing for the Scrum Master Certification Exam with sample questions is the fastest and fastest way to acquire the Certified Scrum Master title.

In the article, we offer many sample questions and answers that you can learn. They will help you learn your textbooks better. And when it’s time for the certification exam, it will be much easier for you.

Preparing for Scrum Master Certification Exam with sample questions and answers

Before we continue with the sample questions and answers to the Certified Scrum Master exam, let’s first present Scrum Master the role in detail.

The key responsibilities of Certified Scrum Master The role includes:

  • Monitoring and removing obstacles from the workflow
  • Protecting the team from external intervention
  • Helping meetings and scrum events
  • Cooperation with Product Owner role
  • Training and guidance of all persons participating in the product (Scrum team and business stakeholders) about the practices and concepts of Scrum. Reference: “Sample Exam (Mock) Questions for the BVOP™ Scrum Master Certification Test“,

Certified Scrum Master serves Product Owner in the following ways:

  • It is assumed that the goals and scope of the project are understood by all participating
  • Facilitates the Skram events as well as when requested by the product owner
  • Helps the Product Owner find techniques for the effective management of accumulated products
  • It is assumed that the product owner knows how to arrange the product lag to increase its value
  • Helps the product owner understand and practice nimble practices

Scrum Master serves the development team in the following ways:

  • Trains the whole team in self -organization and cross-functionality
  • Facilitates Scrum events as requested and necessary
  • Removes obstacles that could slow down the progress of the team
  • Helps the development team to create high-quality products
  • Leads the organizational environment of the team where Scrum has not yet been fully accepted and understood

Certified Scrum Master serves the organization in the following ways:

Leads and trains the organization in accepting a Scrum frame
Plans to apply Skram in the organization
Makes changes to increase the performance of the Skram team
Helps stakeholders and employees to understand the conceptual empirical theory
Works with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the framework

Your team very much wants to go on vacation and asks you to postpone the retrospect of your sprint for the beginning or end of the other sprint.


I would discuss with them their desire and pay attention to the importance of completing the work on a given sprint within the specified time, including retrospection, as it is an extremely important element in this event. I will point out that since more time has passed than Completing the sprint some of the problems and suggestions for the new sprint can be forgotten and missed, which will affect the next development. Reference: “Scrum Master certification exam preparation with sample questions and answers”, On the other hand, after the period of vacation and the new sprint, the team will have to focus entirely on it and most likely We will not have the opportunity and time to devote to the retrospection of past tasks. Also, if an exception to such an event is made, it is possible to need a practice that would Saturday the rules of the Scrum frame that we are striving to apply.

The client tells you that he is starting repair procedures in his office and asks you to send him a summary by email of your meeting with your team and your views on the Sprint Review Meeting. You trust me completely for your analysis.


The Sprint Review is also obligatory to participate in stakeholders, in this case, the client. He meets him to discuss how we can organize the meeting, given the starting repair activities in his office, and agree on a comfortable time for a physical or online meeting. Reference: Sample Scrum Master Certification Exam Prep Questions and Answers,

Your director has heard your sprint is over, but there is an unfinished job. He is angry and asks you to remove a few big User Stories from the planned to the end of the sprint and replace them with the smaller ones you can find in the general list.


An unpleasant development of things can confuse all the planned development. On the other hand, the sprint is over and it is not advisable to be extended, even with smaller tasks that can be completed quickly. I will try to explain that if applicable We will need to plan this method again and organize the next sprints, and this can delay a lot of development and demotivate Development Team.

The team tells you this morning that it is ready with all your work two days before the end of the sprint and asks you to organize an appointment with the client to hold the Sprint Review meeting with it and to start the new sprint tomorrow. Reference: for BVOP Scrum Master certification prep)


This should be discussed in detail, but in my opinion, it is not appropriate to present the product earlier than the one and to shift the time for the Sprint Review. The first reason for this is that if the work is done earlier, the customer remains with the impression, that things are too easy and fast to develop and can doubt the pre-provided evidence and deadlines of the project and other sprints, which would affect the overall work and requirements of the client for the time of execution and additional functionality. On the other hand, It can always be used to review the currently achieved inside the team and possibly eliminate some defects or preparation for Sprint Review. The learning is important, but it may be discussed when to visit or plan that does not affect the planned work and deadlines. Reference“Preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam (BVOSM, CSM, PSM)“, [suitable for CSM, PSM1 and BVOSM]

The team tells you that they prefer not to work at the exact fixed time for the sprints, but prefer every sprint to have a duration according to their work and their judgment. They have already discussed this proposal with Product Owner the role and he said he had no claim.


I insist that there is the exact time and explain to them the grounds for it. By this particular time, they will have more clarity on how long they will work on certain tasks and will be able to plan their time and pay attention to their priorities. This will also allow them To evaluate for themselves what time they need for certain developments and activities and will be able to judge for themselves how they do, as well as will make it easier for the next planning of identical tasks in subsequent sprints. We are planning a different timeframe of sprints, but within one development it is appropriate for them to be the same duration, which will help us to appreciate the complexity of development and to do the work. Reference: “Quick and easy preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam“, [for BVOSM exam only]

Your appointment Product Owner on the project is going on a business trip to the client and has sent you Sprint Goal this morning for the next sprint. He has also made a collection with all the consumer stories that the team will work on.


First, I discuss the information he sent to me and then discuss it with the rest of the team.

The Product Owner of the project has sent you an email announcing that it will collect detailed information about many details and plans to do prolonged communication with the client so that it can describe the most details about the work for a long time ahead.

I discuss with him whether we need to have so much information and details that cannot be developed at a certain stage and will be rather unnecessary, and their description will be a waste of time. They may be eliminated or quite changed, which will require a redescription. More on the topic: “Best Scrum Master certification online”, [preparation for CSM and PSMI and PSMII]

You return from leave. The project and the Product Owner of the project tell you that there is no time and the sprint should start without planning, with the team working independently and choosing the user stories arranged at the top of the Product Backlog collection.


In my opinion, even if we spend an extremely short time planning the sprint, this should not be missed, as it will subsequently create a hasso and it is possible to work on tasks that are unnecessary or to occur in development due to poor understanding and Planning. Read more: “Lessons for Scrum Master certification and practicing professionals“,[Now exactly exam preparation but must read]

The Product Owner has shared with the team that certain functionality is expected in a few months. Your team plans to do a technology study from now on to save any problems and lack of competencies over time.


It is good to study in general lines, but it is unnecessary to do this in detail and waste time, as it is not clear whether in a few months, it will be a priority to develop this functionality and whether the requirements will not be changed. Can be done to see if this functionality is indeed developing no deficits from the capabilities, competencies, and capacity of the technology we currently have, and to notify the senior management and stakeholders. If they are They insist on prioritization and confirm the development will have to be taken preliminary action, such as hiring a new game with the relevant competencies and knowledge of a new programming language, for example, which will be needed. (CSM. PSM and BVOSM exams preparation: “Free training to prepare for the Scrum Master Certification exam”,

A member of your team, who plans to go on vacation soon, has just started working on the User Story, which expects to plan for the next sprint.


I will discuss with him exactly how he plans things, given his upcoming vacation. It may not be good to take the time for this user story before resting since it will then take time to concentrate on the description again.

A member of the team expresses dissatisfaction with the idea that everyone knows what the other is doing. He is used to seclusion. He prefers to work without explaining exactly what his work is to see in software systems. It guarantees that it will convey very good results and just in time.


I will talk to him and explain that it is important that everyone in the team has an idea of what the other works on, as it acquires a clearer picture for the whole development, for the time it is necessary for each element to be ready, which is directly reflected in his work. Also, there may be mistakes and problems that the Work Around solutions need to be applied for that it must be aware of to be able to do its part of the work. I will explain that the idea of teams is to work together and to assist and individual work is not appropriate in working on projects that require good coordination between all participants. The fact that everyone has an idea of what the other does not oblige him to go into detail to consent himself to another process and should not be to affect his actions. Reference: “Free preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam (CSM, PSMI, PSMII, BVOP)”, (Scrum Master exam preparation part 1)

Your colleague, Scrum Master from your organization, meets you in the hallway and wants advice on the length of his team’s sprint. None of the teams can offer a duration for their sprint. He asks you to recommend a time for their sprint.


It is not possible to recommend sprint length for another team and another development.

Product Owner the role of your team wants to change the duration of the sprint to 6 weeks as you begin integration of many complex systems and does not want to abuse yourself, your team, and the organization in front of the client with sprints that you can not be able to Deliver real work.


In SCRUM, the sprints have a maximum duration of 4 weeks. In this case, I will suggest that we divide three sprints into two weeks. Reference:

You receive an email from your client’s project manager. He asks if there is any problem if your sprint has been 6 business days. He expects a quick answer to know what to hand over to his superiors.


The minimum duration of the sprint is one week, but it is determined by the whole team. I will discuss with the team the assessment they give for the work and we will provide time for the sprint, which I will return to the project manager. More on the topic: “Preparation with sample questions for Scrum Master certification exam CSM & PSMI”, [check their questions and answers]

Your director tells you that he has read a lot of information on the Internet about Scrum and wants you to determine your sprint time to be a work week to reduce any risk.


I will explain that SCRUM gives indicative prints and indicates the recommended duration between one and four weeks, but also any duration depends on the particular project and it is not possible to plan the same time for different developments. Reference: “Scrum Master certification exam preparation with sample questions“, [polyscm’s artcle for scrummasters prep] I will give an example of more difficult developments that took us a long time and were more complicated for the team and I will explain that in a week it will be practically impossible to provide a ready-made product and many tasks will remain unfinished, more bugs will arise and I will get bad feedback on the product, which will burden and demotivate the team and it is possible to go to leaving colleagues. Detailed SM exam q and a: “Preparation for Scrum Master certification and tips for Scrum professionals”,

The Development team shares your idea that they want to offer you a Product Owner appointment and take over its functions, and the Product Owner appointment to your team to go to another team and have no contact with it.

The proposal is not very appropriate, because, with the exchange and the lack of communication opportunities, it will lead to a loss of information and will also be a risk to the relationship with the stakeholders. If the tasks are not very detailed and in sufficiently understandable language, you will need to re-hold meetings, which will reduce the confidence of the stakeholders and can slow the performance and compromise quality. Reference: “Professional Scrum Master Certification Online“, (PM.MBA online)

After 2 days you have an appointment to present this product progress. Product Owner your role and most of the Development team are 5 days’ leave.

I will hold the meeting to share progress. The holidays are taken into account in the task schedule and the delay in the volume of work is not observed. Upon return of people from vacation, they will be informed at daily meetings of progress and will summarize their expectations in the open tasks. More exam preparation questions: “Preparation for Scrum Master certification exam on Sprint event“,

Business stakeholders share their opinion that the product does not progress as expected.

I will have a meeting with stakeholders to hear and find out more about their concerns. We will clarify the progress and negotiate the established schedule for task performances to have a clear understanding of the term of the product. If their concerns are justified, I will take the necessary measures in the process of implementation. Visit MPMU’s website: “Preparation for the Certified Scrum Master exam (PSM, CSM, BVOSM)“,

You notice that the team is spending more and more in the hall with games and fun in your office.

At daily meetings, I will make sure that all tasks are working with the right attention, quality, and progress of tasks in a stopped order. If there are gaps, I will pay attention to the self-organization and expectations for the goals, deadline, and quality of the product. Original article: “Preparation for PSM, CSM, and BVOSM Scrum Master certification exam with sample questions“,

The Product Owner the role in your team, goes on a business trip for 2 months to one of your customer support centers. No one has made any plans, no comments. The client has not shared anything more, the Development team does not know what will work and your colleagues are embarrassed for the future of the project.

The situation is quite unpleasant and the worries are justified, as the information is surprising to everyone and a preliminary meeting for awareness and coping with this situation has not been held. Planning to deal with the situation must be carried out immediately, clarifying all the details of the new situation, and an action plan is made. Even more preparation materials: “Certified Scrum Master exam preparation with sample questions“,

One of the programmers in the team wants the designer regular adjustments to the visual concepts he offers.

Such demands are unfounded as the product vision is specified, the tasks are clearly defined, and scheduled and if there are any requests for adjustments, they must be discussed with the team. Reference: “Sample questions for Certified Scrum Master Preparation“, [more details on kosovatimes]

QA specialists from your product who test the product are planning to integrate additional technologies, tools, and testing procedures. According to the Product Owner, this will double the work and progress after the sprints will decrease.

If the team is experiencing any deficiencies to do its job well, and progress in developments (technologies, tools, or whatever), Scrum Master the role must have the ability and powers, immediately fill the shortcomings. The Scrum Master does not work to eliminate obstacles and problems by making self-initiative decisions and measures. He always discusses with the team the possibilities to provide the best solution for them. Reference: “Preparation for the certification exam for CSM and PSM I (BVOSM) Scrum Master“,
If the meeting is found to be good and there is an added value that will not set the deadline for the completion of tasks at risk, it will be acting immediately with integration. If the delay concerns are confirmed, then the proposal will be taken into account for its integrity in the implementation of subsequent projects or sprints of the current project. Reference: “Preparation for Certified Scrum Master certification exam with sample questions”, [azarnewsonline website]

The Development team wants to replace the main program part of your product. They are currently using paid Enterprise a popular environment. The license is paid for by your client, who does not think the cost is a problem.

Since we have no problem with the budget, it is not desirable to replace the basic program part of the product, provided that the product is in the process of implementation. This would lead to difficulties and delay in the implementation of the project. Go, Scrum Masters, go: “Example questions for the Scrum Master certification exam“,

Product Owner The role wants the designer to increase his communication with the product testing team.

At a meeting with the team, I will identify the reasons for this request to resolve the problem of communication, most validly, both for the team and for the product. More on the topic: “Preparation for the Certified Scrum Master certification exam for PSM, CSM or BVOSM“, [PSM, Certified Scrum Master and Business Value-oriented Scrum Master]

Your client is not satisfied with the tests and wants to urgently increase the number of QA specialists in your team, with an additional 6 people, as soon as possible. He also wants three other senior programmers to join the team by the end of the week. The project budget has been increased accordingly.

In Scrum, the so-called Development Team (the Development Team) is accepted to have between 3 and 9 developers in total. These do not include Scrum Master and Product Owner roles. And with more than 9 people, the team will be too big and you will all have difficulty complying with the rules and principles of Scrum.
After a general discussion with the team, if the need for additional resources is established, it can be added, to the established number. Current problems will also be discussed to make the right decisions and measures for successful testing. Original publication: “Preparation for Certified Scrum Master certification exam with sample questions“,

The director wants to move temporarily, for about a month, to another team. He discussed the move with the Product Owner role, which he will take in a month, the Scrum Master function, as he said there was time for it.

To avoid conflicts of interest, it is of particular importance that Scrum Master and Product Owner roles are not taken by the same person by the Scrum team.
If these two roles are combined with the same person, in one negative scenario, we may have a Product Owner, performing Scrum Master functions, which, however, focuses solely on the product and fast work. More on the topic: “Preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam PSM, CSM, and BVOP“
In the other unpleasant case, we may have a Scrum Master, performing also Product Owner functions, which, however, is focused mainly on the Scrum and the team, and the progress of the product and its value can be seriously harmed.
On the other hand, putting aside all possible conflict problems, both roles require a long time daily, and the performance of the two roles by one person would be particularly difficult. All sides would again suffer losses.