Metrowest Services

Audiovisual Services

The Boston Public Library Audiovisual Center provides video cassettes and 16 mm films directly to member libraries and indirectly to customers of member libraries.

Books and Journals – the Metrowest Professional Collection

The Metrowest Office’s collection of books and journals are available for circulation. Our collection covers a multitude of topics from library Administration to Web 2.0.  Members may request to borrow a book from our Professional Collection by searching Masscat at: or using the Regional ILL service at the Wellesley Free Public Library.

Consulting Services

The Regional Staff provides consulting services on library issues to trustees, educational supervisors, school and library board members, and other town officials. Staff is also available to provide advice and technical support on many issues such as library technology, policy development, planning, and other aspects of library management.

To enhance these services, Metrowest can provide you with a list of consultants with expertise on various library topics such as planning, building projects, and technology.

Continuing Education and Workshops

The Metrowest Region provides relevant continuing education and staff development opportunities in response to the needs of Metrowest members. Programs will range from large group presentations on topics of interest to all librarians as well as hands on computer training workshops.

The Regional Staff will also serve as a clearinghouse for all educational opportunities relevant to library staff and will post program announcements on the Metrowest Web Site at

To support these continuing education efforts, a professional collection of books, periodicals, training materials, policies, documentation, and videos is available for circulation. Members may request to borrow these items through e-mail or phone and items will be sent through the Regional Delivery system or the U.S. mail. A list of these items is available on the Metrowest Web Site at

Cooperative Purchasing

The Massachusetts Regional Library Systems Materials and Supply Cooperative (MARLS) is open to members of all regional library systems to enhance the purchasing power of libraries while being in compliance with Massachusetts General Law 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act.

Complaints or problems with vendors should be reported to the Western Region using the feedback form at


Metrowest Regional Library System provides an efficient and cost effective method for the delivery of materials and information for participating Metrowest libraries. Delivery service is provided by truck and/or U.S. Mail. Eligibility for delivery is determined by the total number of items sent and received by libraries on a regular weekly basis. In addition to regional delivery service, library materials may be sent to other regions through cross state delivery. A directory of all libraries in all regions of the Massachusetts Regional Library System, and corresponding routes, is available on line at

InterLibrary Loan

The Metrowest Region provides mediated ILL services through the Wellesley Free Library interlibrary loan center. Wellesley borrows primarily returnable items (books, videos, CD’s, etc. As a regional interlibrary loan center, Wellesley Free Library Interlibrary Loan Department borrows items requested by patrons in the region that are not available in the patron’s home library. The service includes assistance in verifying items and/or transmitting requests on the behalf of member libraries. The interlibrary loan center also handles incoming requests on OCLC for materials from member libraries.

Journal Article Document Delivery

The Boston Public Library provides copies of journal articles to members of the Massachusetts Regional Library Systems. This service is available at no charge to library staff of all regional member libraries. To request articles, visit the ILLiad web site at For logon information, call 800-422-4065 x2343.


Metrowest members have direct access to information beyond the boundaries of their buildings through regional reference services and resources. The Regional Library Systems carry this out through a number of different avenues, from designated Regional Reference and Research Centers to 24/7 online services.

Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program is another service offered on a statewide basis. A Committee works on the program for each summer. A theme is chosen and art work is chosen that incorporates the theme. Member libraries may order a variety of materials from the Region in support of their summer reading Programs. In 2007, with support from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the state offered an online component to our summer reading program. The state contracted with Evanced Solutions to provide every participating library in the state with an online component for their program.