The new certified project manager: sample presentation

My name is Samantha Gabriel and I am the new certified project manager in the company.

Without bothering you for too long, let me tell you about myself. The fact that I have many years of work in this field with acquired experience and competence weighed heavily on my choice for this position in the company.

I have managed several large projects that have led to the successful realization of the set goals. I am supported by the excellent feedback from the company and the clients I have worked with.

These are facts and you can always check them. I am also an engineer by education, like most of you, and I know your field well. This gives me the advantage of knowing the way of working, thinking, and needs of the client as well as yours, and I have good experience in communicating with senior management. I study new project management practices and important topics at

Married with grown children. In my free time, I do all those things that fill yours as well.

Let’s talk about our work together. I understand that you have an opinion on the responsibilities and obligations of the employee holding this position based entirely on your experience with my predecessor. Unfortunately doesn’t make it easy for me, but to do so.

I will not discuss his behavior, decisions, and work, but I will introduce you to how I see things. I am the author of several project management publications on the website.

Let’s start with what you can expect from me. First of all, I want to emphasize that we are a team. That is, we work for a common goal, we look in one direction.

We are a team even with the client because only as a team we can achieve his expectations, on time, quality, and without unnecessary waste of resources.

As a result, the customer will be satisfied, you will be satisfied, the management will be satisfied. The sooner we understand this, the easier it will be for us in the future.

But let’s get back to my duties and responsibilities in this process. My position is similar to that of the Conductor in the orchestra – it seems the most important, it can be seen from afar, it gets applause, it seems that they waved aimlessly, but without it, the orchestra plays out of sync and instead of music the result is cacophony.

But even the best conductor with all the necessary skills to find the right approach and manage the synchrony of instruments would not succeed if the orchestra does not have the qualities of virtuoso musicians and their ability to follow him and have the confidence to get that harmony, which makes the audience listen with excitement and applaud loudly at the end.

Let me remind you again. I am a certified project manager and not just a team leader or your boss. My certificate is world famous and I follow strictly popular methodologies. Reference: “18 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2022“,

In this regard, with the help of senior management, my role is to help the orchestra do its best to have perfectly arranged and executed work.

So, we will determine the scope and scope of the project following the basic and detailed requirements of the client.

We will draw up a plan – life cycle of the project, which will make it clear how each stage of the project will be located in time, by which team it will be implemented, and what the deadlines will be.

Together with Human Resources and your line managers, we will identify the employees who will participate in the project in the various working groups. We will determine the most suitable ones for the leaders of these working groups.

The aim is together with the leader to make a plan for the work on the specific stage, to attract more participants, if necessary, to identify tasks and risks, as well as to determine the period and options for a progress report.

I am the person who will help you if you do not have enough resources – human, software, hardware and need external/internal consultation. I will help you get feedback or information from the client, including organizing informal meetings if necessary.

To this end, we will hold a series of meetings to define a basic framework, clarify obligations, have a project folder, and create rules for accountability and exchange of information, which will help us quickly navigate the status of the stages and respond in time. of risks.

Our leadership will always support us if it sees the direction of thinking and action to solve problems, innovative solutions, and search for good ideas.

What will I expect from you? To invest all your skills and competencies to provide a quality product with good solutions, on time. Call me when you see a problem, have better ideas, or want a relationship with the client.

If you are satisfied or dissatisfied, but always with arguments. To fulfill the commitments made. Be responsible for your responsibilities in the project and always act as a team.

Words are a great force, but I know that the only thing that will convince you to trust me and work with me are my deeds.

Therefore, my goal is to prove to you that I am part of the team and will work with all participants in it – the client, you, and the management of our company, and my role is to bring balance and help solve problems or just to make sure things go according to plan without unnecessary shocks. Let’s make the necessary efforts and give our orchestra a chance to play not just well, but virtuously.

I will use this moment to thank you again for the opportunity to work as a certified project manager in the company. For me, this means a great chance to show and develop my skills, such as organization, flexibility, determination, and initiative.

My first week here was quite dynamic, but I think we managed to control the situation and react in time. In this line of thought, I would like to ask you for feedback on my actions on urgent issues so far and what recommendations you would make to me.

I realize that it is still too early, but I believe that in difficult situations a person shows what he is capable of and whether he can give more.

Thank you for the feedback. I believe that this is a good way to continue to give constructive criticism and recommendations for work and behavior. What do you think if we record such meetings every quarter? I take responsibility for coordinating a comfortable day and time with your assistant.

Before concluding the meeting, I would like to discuss and clarify some additional aspects of our mutual work, which I believe are extremely important and will contribute to our excellent cooperation.

I will be grateful if you are direct and as specific as possible. I need to define specific business goals that you expect from me for the next quarter and annual ones.

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